13th International Exhibition NEFTEGAZ-2010


Since 1992 International Exhibition NEFTEGAZ has been successfully held every two years; herewith, since 2004 – under patronage of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russian Federation. The exhibition was organised by EXPOCENTER CJSC and the German exhibition company Messe Düsseldorf with official support of the Ministry of Industry and Energy of Russian Federation.

For the last 10 years the extent of exhibition area has increased more than twice.

About 1000 exhibitors from 35 countries took part in the exhibition “Neftegaz-2010”. 11 countries – Germany, Iran, Italy, Canada, China, Netherlands, Norway, Finland, France, the Czech Republic and Japan – took part in the exhibition presenting their national expositions. More than 24,000 sq m (net area) were occupied by expositions of the world oil and gas industry giants: China Petroleum Technology and Development (China), Combit (Sweden), GEP (France), Man Turbo (Germany), Mokveld Valves BV (Netherlands), Kanex Krohne (Germany), Polish Oil and Gas Company (Poland), R and B Industrial Supply (USA), Siemens (Germany), VNG-Verbundnetz Gas AG (Germany), Wingas (Germany) and other world leaders.

This year Russia was presented at the exhibition by 600 companies among which there are АBB LLC, Bashneft SOC, Gazprom OJSC, Gazpromneft, Zarubezhneft, IntraTul HC, Oil and Gas Systems, Ozna JSC, Orgenergogaz OJSC, Pergam-Engineering OJSC, Rosneft OC, Transneft JSC, Tatneft, TNK-BP Holding, Pipe Metallurgic Company, Uralmash Machine-Building Corporation, Schneider Electric CJSC and many others.

Nearly 20,000 experts attended the exhibition. At the conference within the frame of exhibition, 20 topical reports were presented. During 2 days of work more than 200 field professionals took part in the conference.

The main topics of Neftegaz exhibition:

- Geologic and geophysical studies.  Oil and gas search and exploration, integrated assessment of oil and gas bearing territories and local objects, estimation of reserves;

- Oil and gas wells on/off shore construction. Lateral drilling.

Equipment and technologies;

- Oil and gas field development and operation. Formation stimulation for increased oil production. Equipment and technologies;

gathering and preparation of oil and gas;

- Transportation and storage of oil, gas and oil products, technique and technology of construction and operation of manifolds. Tanks and tank batteries;

- Pumps, compressor equipment, pneumatics, drives, motors used in the oil and gas complex;

- Shut-off and control valves;

- Tubular products;

- Oil and gas processing and petrochemistry. Equipment and technologies;

- Construction of oil and gas complex works including construction of off-shore structures.

Construction equipment;

- Power and electrical equipment for oil and gas complex. Wireline production.

Welding equipment.

- Chemical agents, additives and materials for oil and gas production and oil refining industry and for oil and gas transportation;

- Automatic control systems and teleautomation of drilling process, recovery, gathering, transport, storage and processing of oil and gas. Control and measuring instruments. Metrological support devices.

- Protection of equipment and manifold against corrosion. Corrosion inhibitors. Units and isolation materials.

- Environmental protection: scientific researches, technologies, equipment, control and measuring instruments.

Modern systems of monitoring the environment. Disposal and recycling of industrial wastes;

- Work safety, safety devices and fire prevention means;

- Laboratory equipment and analytical instrumentation, furniture. Mobile laboratories;

- Mobile industrial and domestic buildings;

- Delivery and sales of oil, gas and oil products. Fuel station.

- Economic conditions and analysis of development of oil and gas complex. Complex management under the new conditions, issues of juridical and financial control;

- Scientific research and project studies. Projects expertise.

- Informational support and software.

Chairman of Committee of the State Duma on Energetics Yuri Lipatov in his opening speech obviously defined the priorities of the exhibition and the 8th Russian Oil and Gas Congress: “The main issue today is safety and environment. The tragic events in the Gulf of Mexico have directly set the problem of oil-industry workers’ responsibility for the safety of our planet”. Yuri Lipatov reported that he has already made an investigation and assured himself that in fact Russian scientific and engineering staff are constantly trying to solve actual problems for the benefit of oil and gas complex.

Deputy of Moscow City Duma Yury Novitsky thanked Russian gas and oil industry workers for their active work in the field of charity and support of young talents. The Moscow lawmaker mentioned a very important issue: oil and gas companies are the main source of increasing the budget of the capital of Russia.

Igor Korotin, Committee Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, Director of the Department of Exhibitions and Markets said: “The exhibition revealed the fact that oil and gas sector has not only a good base for modernisation, but it can play a major role in modernisation of the country”.

President of Financial and Industrial Groups of the Russian Federation Oleg Soskovets wished all participants and guests of the exhibition active cooperation and new contracts. He reminded that development of oil and gas complex has strategic importance for Russia.

Gennady Shmal, who concluded welcome speeches during the opening procedure, admitted with satisfaction that the present exhibition in Expocenter which is the main event among various activities of this kind, broke all the record in relation to numerous exhibits and exhibitors. At the same time, the legendary Soviet and Russian oil-field worker admitted that the exhibition takes part in a very difficult for the sector period. For example, gas producers lowered gas recovery by 80 billion cubic meters. It is a very dangerous signal because in accordance with traditions of our great power-producing country there has always been an annual increase of recovery by 35 – 40 billion, and sometimes by 50 billion. Well then, the ribbon has been cut. A regular work on stands and in lobbies has begun.