Sixth Customers’ Conference


6th Customers’ Conference on introduction and operation of coiled tubing equipment, cementing, pumping and hydraulic fracturing equipment was held from 2 to 3 of March 2010 in Minsk.

This year one of the main topics was the presentation of a double-pump system for well cementing H1000C developed jointly by FIDMASH and NOV.

Coiled tubing technologies were presented as new models of units already manufactured such as MK30T-40 (skids mounted on the truck chassis) for operation both onshore and offshore as well as in remote areas, and those still in process: a coiled tubing unit on Terberg (Volvo) 8×8 chassis and a heavy coiled tubing unit on semi-trailer MK30T-50.

One of the highlights of the conference was a presentation of the directional drilling system produced by Novinka CJSC that belongs to FID Group as well as NOV FIDMASH, and a report on successful directional drilling of sidetracks performed with a coiled tubing unit MK30T.

During the conference much attention was paid to the pumping and compressing equipment for use with coiled tubing, such as nitrogen unit, fluid pump unit; pumping units and systems for hydraulic fracturing.

As before the focus was on the modernization program for earlier manufactured equipment as a way to expand technical and operational capabilities of the equipment. The program of modernization was presented by an example of a coiled tubing unit M20 manufactured in 2002.