Representative Office in Russian Federation

Due to the fact that NOV FIDMASH is a resident of the Republic of Belarus, we apply to an affiliated company of NOV FIDMASH – FIDservice LLC, resident of Russian Federation, for the delivery of equipment to Russian Federation residents and its maintenance and to alleviate execution of contracts by these residents.

FIDservice LLC is a member of Well Intervention and Stimulation Equipment Group of National Oilwell Varco (NOV) and it has its own account number within the corporation.

NOV FIDMASHC holds 100% share the authorized capital of FIDservice LLC (Amendment No. 2 in the Charter of FIDservice LLC was approved by Resolution No. 6 of the Party of 14.03.2006, filed by the Interregional IFTS No. 8 of Russia in Yaroslav Region with the USR on 22.03.2006, PSRN 1047602012292, SRN 2067612014644). In virtue of the above mentioned, we confirm that FIDservice LLC, being a 100% affiliated company of NOV FIDMASH, is fully controlled by the latter, acts according to the decisions of, and on behalf of its founder –NOV FIDMASH, and accordingly has a right and authority to carry out delivery and maintenance of the equipment produced by the founder NOV FIDMASH. The producer of equipment NOV FIDMASH provides warranty for delivered equipment and for its maintenance.

Representative Office of FIDservice LLC in Russian Federation
Tel.: +7 (916) 281 15 53
Tel.: +7 (499) 959 09 70
e-mail: fidservice@nov.com